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About Us is an online streaming platform created by a small group of friends to act as an independent alternative to the likes of Twitch and YouTube livestream channels, while making use of and promoting open-source software.

The aim of is to create a community project which brings together a wide variety of content creators, so as to build a platform which can help entertain and engage people during the times of the current pandemic and beyond.

Currently we broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays, with operating times varying each week as a result of changes in the programme. Once we establish ourselves and have an expanding team of content creators, we can look at increasing the amount of time we are live, including broadcasting on additional days.

Since we are still starting out and are a small team, we are in need of a variety of people to join us in one way or another to make this thing into something.
We are looking for:

If you fit into ANY of these categories or know somebody who does, please get in contact with us. Details below.